Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Interior Wall Projects

When repairing interior walls or hanging pictures one thing you need to know is where the studs are located..Finding The Wall Studs can  help avoid further damage. Wall Studs of 2" x 4"'s or 2" x 6"s are usually located 16 inches apart.
If you start in the corner and measure 17 inches , you should hit the center of the stud. Just remember that wires often run through the center of the studs.
 Another way of locating stud is to use a commercial stud finder. Don't have one , a neat trick would be to use a common compass it works almost as well. When you run the compass on the wall the needle will be attracted to the drywall nails.
If you're installing wallpaper to walls ,start straight !  Don't count on room corners being plum, use a level to mark a vertical line to follow. You can also suspend a chalked weighted piece of  string from a high point on the wall. When it comes to rest , pull it taunt against the baseboard. Snap the string at the center. The mark will leave a true vertical. If you're applying wallpaper in areas of the house where dampness or steam tends to occur, like bathroom or the kitchen.  As soon as wallpaper dries, paint some clear shellac over the joints and edges. This will help prevent those areas of the paper from peeling back.

Quick Tip for painting

Don't Allow those messy runs on the side of your paint can. Stretch a rubber band vertically over the can so that it runs across the open mouth of the can. Now you can wipe your brush on the rubber band and the excess paint will fall back into the can.